I travelled to Tamil Nadu (India) on 23rd March 2019 and spent 11 days there . I was back in London this afternoon. I visited over 30 temples, Sidddhar Samadhis and Museums in the following towns. Each temple gave me some interesting new information. Some puzzles were solved during this visit. I will write about each temple, samadhi, museum separately with pictures. Here are some bullet points to kindle your interest.

During this visit I made it a point to take pictures of huge temple doors. No one has done research on temple doors.

Tamil saint Andal sang in Thiruppavai about the bell door, i.e .door with bells. Only when I saw bell doors in a few temples I understood the meaning and significance of those words.

In Siruvachur I saw ghost busing platform. Those who are possessed by evil spirits are cured when they stand on it.

In Oottathur I saw stone Nataraja. In other temples the Nataraja idol is made up of metals. Though we have a huge beautiful and smiling Nataraja in Gangai konda chozapuram it is only a decorative sculpture on the outer wall. Devotees believe this stone Nataraja will cure kidney stones.

In Thiruppattur I saw Brahma who will rewrite your fate giving you benefits. So devotees came with the horoscopes of their near and near.

In Srirangam I saw two golden lizards carved on the roof. There was no explanation. But when I visited Kanchipuram I saw a big Queue for seeing golden lizards! I will give you the full story.

At Nerur I had the darshan of Sadashiva Brahmendra Samadhi, who did miracles.

In Chennai I visited a Samadhi of a Siddhar (Tamil Mystic) who did meditation by splitting his bodies into nine parts. The same story is told about Kuzandaiyananda Swami of Madurai and Pandrimala Swami of Dindigul.

In Kacnhipuram I visited Sakunthla Jagannatham Museum where I saw Makara yaz (Fish shaped Lyre).

Last night I met Dr R Nagaswamy, renowned archaeologist and historian. He gave me interesting information about Tolkppaiam, Ragas from different Desas/states and Why Carnatic music is called Karnatic music.

There are more surprises ; please wait for the articles:

Following are the places I visited in March, 2019:-


Malai vaiyavur Vishnu temple

Uththira merur temples

Chenji forts

Siruvachur Vakrakali amman temple

Mel Malaiyanur Angala parameswari temple

Thiruppattur brahma temple

Thiruvasi shiva temple

Uraiyur temple where cock fought with an elephant

Vayalur Murugan temple

Karkudi temple

Uuttaththur stone Nataraja temple

Thiruverumpur ant temple

Kallanai dam across Kaveri river

Thiruchi rockfort Uchipillaiyar temple

Foothill Manikka vinayakar teple

Thayumanavar siva temple

Srirangam Vishnu temple

Thiruvanakkaval shiva temple

Gunaseelam Vishnu temple

Thirupparaithurai shiva temple

Namakkal Namagiri thayar temple

Nerur adhistanam

Karur temple

Kanchipuram –seven temples

Sakunthala Jagannathan museum

Thirupparuthik kundram (Jain) Mahaveerar temple

Chennai Venkiswarar temple

Chennai siddhar samadhi

I have taken hundreds of pictures.

Written by london swaminathan

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