Chandra. 😥 short story.

Andrew and Prema finished their doctorate successfully. Very beginning they started their relationship between them as good friends, later it became love with each other. Andrew open his desire towards Prema. Prema accepted his love, but she pointed that both were from different religion.

Andrew approached Perma's parents and explained their love. They did not accept in the beginning, and later they realized the true love between these two. After acceptance of the both family, this pair married.

Both Andrew and Prema singed in new research agreement. The new research is about DNA of ancestors. At least they need five years to complete this project. Both decided to postpone their child birth. But Andrews mother often asked Prema about child birth. She is very particular and need one grand child. Prema made dialogue with Andrew about this matter. But Andrew asked Prema just ignore his mother words. He also added, I am not against our child birth, but if you become pregnant, it totally spoiled our research because we both involved in this innovative project. Prema nodded his justification, but she has give another idea for child birth. It is nothing but "surrogate mother". She explained this to him and this method of child birth is popular in foreign countries. Finally, Andrew accepted her idea, and they searched for surrogate mother.

The pair came to know through Andrew close friend, one candidate namely Chandra available in north madras. Andrew and Prema reached Chennai from Bangalore. Catches on auto, they reached the area, but they are not able to find her address. The auto driver asked so many persons and nobody didn't answer properly.

Dejected pair finally decided to move from there and asked auto driver to drive the same to Chennai airport. The auto driver started the auto and stopped the same. He got down from auto and ran towards an old lady and hugged her. She is distance relative to him, and she asked him why he came here. He simply asked her to speak with the person in his auto for more details. Andrew asked the address and that old nodded her head, told that she knows the address very clearly. At one stage auto stopped and it does not have way to move afterwards. It is a clumsy slum. The old lady walked first, and she was followed by this pair. At last, she shows the house and also told to the pair that she will wait for those at outside that house. Andrews shut the door and a middle-aged man open the door, Andrew asked the name Chandra. He told that nobody is there in that name and asked Andrew to move from there, as soon as pair step out from that house, the man closed the door Force. Confused Andrew and Prema walked back to auto, the long awaited old lady rushed towards the pair and asked want happened. No answer from both. The old lady compelled the pair for what reason they approached that man. Andrew revealed the story. The old lady requested the Andrew and Prema to wait at auto, and she will come meet them after a short while.

Disappointed pair waited for that old lady. The old lady entered inside the auto and sat comfortably and revealed the story of Chandra. One year back like you one pair came her for this same issue. The man you met is her husband. He bargained five lakhs to do from that pair. The pair obliged for his wish, and he forced Chandra as surrogate mother. Last month Chandra gave a birth to Male child and delighted pair took the new born happily and also gave extra two lakhs to Chandra's husband. Chandra husband is number one rogue. With the that a big amount he enjoyed daily the life with alcohol, and he made illegal connections with lots of ladies. Chandra has no parents, and she is totally helpless. One day Chandra's husband accompanied one lady and shared vulgar with that lady on front of Chandra. One of the midnight, Chandra decided to die and finally she committed suicide.

After heard this, Andrew and Prema cried for some time.

Andrew hugged Prema and made a long kiss. Prema didn't expect this from Andrew. " Prema , I have decided " " what" " simply, we both are going to postpone our project " " really " " from this second, I am going to start new project with you" " you , you, naughty" " yes , I am naughty, you are looks like angel " " l love you" " i too, my dear" Prema gave a birth to a female child. Perma's mother-in-law asked Andrew to put good name to the new born. Andrew called the newcomer as Chandra.

- balu.

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