Krishna Consciousness

Krishna Cnsciousness

Let divine knowledge surround us
from all sides like the seas
surrounding the isles
of knowledge about the Supreme Lord
of God Head, the only one Krishna
the most knowledgeable of all knowers
who is knower of all Vedas
who is free of tigunas and is
the only embodiment of Truth and Truth alone
And is Complete in everything
Oh God the Almighty Krishna

I Pray pray most devoutly
to give me the wisdom of that mental power
to know my weakness and thereby
abandon all virtues illusory in me
and to forsake ego and selfishness
give me Krishna wisdom to open my
sight 'hidden' to discern You and You alone
in all matters of nature (prakriti) and
thereby my 'soul' oh Krishna

show me thine form of transcendental effulgence
to drive out darkness of ignorance from me
to electrify my soul with thine transcendental radiance
like the Sun giving light and heat at the same time
to remain for ever in pure 'Krishna Consciousness'
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare'

= vasavan (vasudevan)

எழுதியவர் : வாசவன்-தமிழ்பித்தன் -வாசு (18-Feb-21, 10:16 am)
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