The Menacing Minutes அச்சுறுத்தும் நிமிடங்கள்part 1 பகுதி 1

Caroline’s Rolex was ticking and nearing the midnight. Though the temperature was freezing, she had some sweat drops around her face as she was restless and scared of some strange things that’s going to happen in the next moment.

The isolated house of Caroline located in Mitchell Island, approximately ten minutes of driving from the South Vancouver city. The house was completely dark with closed doors and windows. She was sitting in the living room expecting the most terrific minutes of her life. The battle between her life and death. The only support to overcome the terror is Ashley.

“Ashley….where are you?” Caroline called out her friend Ashley, a police official of Vancouver city, basically from Montreal.
No reply from Ashley.

“Ashley….do you hear me? Please don’t let me alone, Ashley, what happen?” Caroline’s voice was conveying her panic situation abruptly.

“Ashley…..” she tried to overcome the fear and shouted a bit.

“Yes…Caroline, I’m here close to the main door. Don’t panic yourself. Be bold, I will be there with you. Moreover, at any cost you should not be emotionally motivated. Every seconds of your delayed actions may create your life miserable. Not only yours….mine too. Got it?” Ashley warned Caroline.

“I agree with you Ashley, but is it impossible to change the plan?” Caroline interrogated Ashley.

“What do you mean, you damn it? Don’t you think that you are counting your minutes to spare in your life? This is not the time to analyze the decision, As a RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), it’s my duty to safeguard the law and order of Canada, not only that, you are my friend and it’s my responsibility to take care of you in your critical situations” Ashley showed her anger on Caroline’s innocence.

“I too agree Ashley, but the issue is….” Prior to complete the opinion of Caroline, “Just shut the hell up you stupid, are you going to show sympathy on Alex? Just think of the past scenarios, it’s not one or two, a dozen, imagine the severity, the decision is final, either you will do it or I will, that’s it, understand?” Ashley stopped her from proceeding further and concluded.

“Better you do that, why should I, I never felt any abnormality in the past, yes, may be your investigations and the evidences may get you close to the culmination of the worst circumstances we have passed by. But insisting me to do such a cruel thing is not a worth idea, Alex is my love, he loves me to the core, me too, I love him from my bottom of my heart, I can’t hurt him at all” Caroline explained her feelings.

“Don’t speak nonsense, it’s your life, it’s the time to witness the end of a cold blooded murderer. If you couldn’t, then we may witness the death of you…the girlfriend of the murderer. “Ashley explained the reality but Caroline stood on her decision.
“I won’t kill him at any cost, you proceed with the plan” Caroline finalized her decision.

“Either you or me, the ultimate reality is he will die, don’t you understand you damn?” Ashley popped like a bull dog.
“Ya, I know, today my Alex will be departed from this world of sinners. But I won’t do such thing which may hurt me by the guilty thoughts throughout my life.” Caroline shed tears.

“Oh, is it, ok, I will do it by myself. But if something happen to your best friend Ashley by your love, what will you do? Who knows, may be his target could be me also? If he noticed that I am here with you, he may kill me too before your turn comes. Is it ok Caroline? By seeing you, he may feel the love and he will be distracted for a while, that time gap is our trump card, our attack should be in that time, that’s why I am insisting you to do rather than doing by myself” Ashley probed Caroline.

A minute of silence from both.

Caroline opened up “OK, Ashley, I will, let me prepare myself”.

“Cheers, there you are my dear, just keep in your mind, you should not open any lights, you should not give time for him to react and most importantly, you should act very fast. Any support you require, first attack him then shout the words ‘come on’ once, I will also come to support you, got my point?” Ashley explained the plan of action and handed over a knife on her hand.
The doors were knocked furiously.

Caroline frightened, “Ashley….I guess, this is Alex”.

“Ya, be active, be fast in your actions, I will stand behind the door. You just open the door and with all your force, just stab him as much possible times. Any support, just shout ‘come on’” Ashley warned her and let her to open the door.

With wiping the sweat drops on her forehead, Caroline walked towards the door which was knocked continuously.

Caroline tightened her fingers to hold the knife firmly and touched the other hand to the handle of the door to open it.

To be continued.

End of Part 1.

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