cost of fame

If you want to become famous
You shouldn't be a doubting Thomas
Develop the talent in you that is latent
Make it grow visible and patent
You must strenuously work hard
You must ever be on your guard
You work unmindful of the final result
No use going to an astrologer to consult
You have to overcome many obstacles
No use depending on supernatural miracles
You get deeply immersed in the job on hand
You must strongly hold on to your stand
You may get tributes from many of your fans
Who will side with you and all your plans
An equal number may become hostile
Who may criticise you with words that are vile
You must be able to take tributes and insults alike
And must learn to put up with all this and be sage like
You have to be always in a state of apprehension
To maintain your state of celebrity and ascension
You have to keep your temper under control
This is what you have to adopt as a rule
Don't just be carried away by the glitter and glamour of fame,
Unless you are prepared to bear the above said in the game

எழுதியவர் : rgurus (22-May-20, 7:20 pm)
சேர்த்தது : rgurus
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