Gandhi and his ideology

Gandhi and his ideology.

A new trend is underway. If you ask the question whether young people in our country prefer Gandhi, most of them say they don't like him. Why do they not want Gandhi? They thought he was anti-Hindu and a great supporter of Muslims. Who blamed Gandhi and his vision for these young buds? Who mistook the minds of these young buds for Gandhi as a Muslim fanatic. The comments, critics and complaints are really unfounded, and this was developed to reduce his height. For your information, Gandhi has a lot of goals, one of the goals is Free India. Do not think that he is the father of our nation. He is the leader of the whole world because of his unique character. I am not going to tell you the principles of Gandhi. It is very difficult to follow his ideology. But one of his greatest ideologies is non-violence. This is the greatest instrument he has used for free India from the British. What is ahimsa? The pinnacle of bravery is ahimsa. The whole Buddha teaching depends on peace. Like the Buddha, Gandhi took up the concept of ahimsa. The opponent must realize their mistakes, and they finally surrender to the truth is called ahimsa. The Free India Movement found a new structure after his arrival. Millions and millions of people participated in all the struggles of Gandhi. His simplicity, principles and attitude were very impressed by the people. The style he pursued against the British had much influence among the Indian citizens. He never made any criticism against other leaders, but he did his job well. At the same time, many leaders have criticized him. He responded to very few people and he ignored others. He knows his way and his goals. I’m not going to tell you the rest of the Indian independence story. Gandhi lived a holy life. He always stands for the truth. He started an incredible life in the middle of his married life. Yes, he made a pact with his wife that they will live as a couple for the rest of their lives, but there is no physical contact between them. He loved the villages. He thought that proper development was not from the urban, but from the villages. His dream, his idea, his vision is young India. He was never against businesses or model machines. His educational idea is completely different. He believes in God, he always stands up for Hindus, but he never makes a damn statement against other religions. He joined his prayer song "Ishwar" and Allah. He sacrificed his entire life for the Indians. He sacrificed his cloak. He sacrificed his food. He sacrificed his luxury lodging. He sacrificed his desires. He lived for us and he always stands for truth. He always dreamed for the best India. Whether his dream comes true or not, we breathe freely. So stop blurring Gandhi's ideology. Man experiences the wonder of Gandhi. - balu

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