Why People fear about Police

Dear Friends,

40 years before Police Department acted correctly and had good name too. At that time Government also announced Police Department only for controls Crimes. So people don't worry about them. Actually Police persons also worked as good at that time. After that bribes involves in Politics. More politicians started to gets bribes. If any one try to book complaint against them, the politicians gives bribes to police persons.

Then all the politicians knows weakness of Police department. Police persons gets salary 20K per month. If they gets bribes 10K per month, it will be increases their family economic growth. All the persons likes money. Police persons are not angels or not born directly coming from sky. They are also human being. After years passed, they asking money into public if they comes to book complaint into police station.

Then police persons started to collected money every place where they going, if it's Market, Traffic, or anywhere. If anyone not gives money they will blackmail about any case. So people afraid to fight or argue with Police. Politicians started to gives bribes. Then Police persons continuing till now. So if someone goes to police station after argue for gives bribes, they note their name and face. After that they giving trouble and torture.

So I'm not says all the police persons in department. But some persons staying there and spoiling the department name. All the Police vehicles wrote the quote, "People friendly Police" - That means we are all friends to public. We ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Yes! In Chennai I was asked about many routes and place details into Police. they helped more. I really wishes them.

At that time if we going for Passport inquiry, without money they will not signs. Its usual one. Government gives salary to them. But they wants bribes. They asking open. It's too bad. They knows about this one. But they not gets knowledge about that. I attended Sub Inspector Exam once. The question paper fully asked about punctuality and discipline, faith, public service. They are all read about that and wrote after selecting by government

But after gets job their knowledge about faith flying on wind. We read more news about rape at Police station. Then how the girls going into police station for gets helps. If police come to someone person's home, all the neighbor come around and thinks about them bad. Then how they going to Police station for asking help. If police reacts as a friend, no one neighbor thinks wrongly if police speaks with anyone.

I'm not afraid about police. Because criminals afraid about them, O.K. But ordinary and public persons why should we afraid? Do you know? More traffic rules helps to us. But the police persons using same rules and acts for making penalty. If we knows about some Indian Penal Law Act, they will not makes you worry. When we travelling at that time if someone met accident and needs helps, we thinks and avoids to helps them.

But actually if you helps them, god will helps you from occur on the problem. Already Supreme Court ordered, if anyone met accident at that time please help them. Police will not file any case and call you for any inquiries. But no one hears that. Last year I was traveled on the bus at that time Driver stopped the bus. Because someone met accident and struggled for life. All the persons watching, but not help. I asked them for informing Ambulance.

But they told, Police ask question. So we not inform. Then I called from my mobile and arranged ambulance after I left from there. So everywhere Police person showing there hard and rude facial into public. So now no one person believes police. If Police wants to makes friendship with public, the people not agrees. Indian Acts says, if police doubt against someone person, they must going to his home and inquiry.

At that time don't strike and don't give any trouble to him. And they will not suffer by this inquiry by police and neighborhood. But now Police go to that person home and beaten after arrest. Then locked up in cell and starting inquiry. So the person if not doing any criminal activities, his name, family, life everything spoils. Then he will not able to walk around anywhere. So these types of behaviors makes police persons as bad.

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