I Love You

I Love you🌹 (short story)

- balu.

I have expressed my love to her with virility. She also accepted it by with a lot of enthusiasm. We synergized our love daily in the mobile phone, and she makes me awake by making video call in the morning. We both are software engineers. But we are working for different organization. Both of them are anticipatory awaited for the weekend. We would go for junket, but we won't exceed our cultural boundaries. Sometimes my friends compelled me to have hard drinks. With her assent I will drink the same to my brawn. She is also amiable person with a lot of contemporary views. Even though we go for the jamboree, we both consumed our most of the breathing space in the beach. She teased me lot. I would take it as toddler. Sometimes she encouraged me if I found any hardship in my profession. She is a very good costume designer. It is not her profession, but she gives me many corrections in my dressing. She is very beautiful, and she has the good complexion. Every poet like her alluring eyes. I wonder whether she is having a hip or not. Totally she is slim good-looking amazing woman. Sometimes because of my work pressure, it is not possible to me to accompany her on weekends. At that moment she would send some worst comments through WhatsApp, and she also calls me and scold me with numerous unparliamentary words. But I never react for that and in reply I would be silent. Very next day she would ask apology to me for her childish behaviour. Today is our first year anniversary of our love. We already planned to celebrate the event in good manner with very close friends. In that function she wore traditional kancheepuram pattu saree and I have worn pattu dhothi and pattu shirt. She seemed to be gorgeous. Friends greeted us, and some friends sang a song. Overall function is full of fun and joyful. Really it has been unforgettable moments in my life. Next day morning she awakes me as usual by making video call in mobile phone. In the evening she asked to meet her at the beach. Even though I am very busy with my work I committed for that. She is eagerly waiting for me and after looking me, she stepped for distance towards me and very first time she hugged me and gives a long kiss. It is not on lips, but it is on my cheek. She conveyed that she was going for states for an important project. And she also told that her the time period of the project is only three months. I become very silent. She convinced me and finally I have accepted her commitment. In the beginning, she came daily in Skype, and we would speak a lot. I would tell I missed her a lot. Sometimes I would cry as young child on before of her. She also repeats it. Valentine division is really unbearable pain. Slowly the communication between us became less. The lack of communication is not because of me, and it is her bungle. At one stage she permanently stopped her connection from her side. So many times I tried to speak with her. But I can’t get her line. I am becoming an island in our love. Many negative thoughts come in my mind, and I am totally confused. I have contacted her head office in Chennai regarding her current status. They reported me that at present she is working at remote place nearby Texas. I have not satisfied with their words. Still, I have a lot of factuality on her that why she is not calling or come on Skype. Three months went very fast, but not a single call from her side. With a lot of audacity, straightly I went to her house and asked about her status. They told that her project is extended for again three months. I am totally fed up and went to bar very first time. Next day with the heavy headache I wake up and reported to my senior that I want ten days leave. He agreed and sanctioned immediately. I am totally disturbed, and I have decided to make a tour to kodaikanal. I have packed my baggage and booked a ticket by bus to kodaikanal. Before leaving from Chennai, finally I have made a call to her. No response from her side. It's really mystery what happened to her. The bus to the hill station supposes to start. Excellent seating arrangements with the centralized air-conditioned bus attracted me, and it slowly started from the depot and because of heavy traffic bus takes more time reach main road. With the help of headphone, hearing my favourite songs, my journey started. Nearly a long period of a gap I am landed kodaikanal. Its winter season, temperature went to the minus. Ten days I have switched off my phone and enjoyed the hill station climate as free bird. Stress less, pollution less, peaceful atmosphere with full of satisfaction, I am becoming new man. Half heartedly I departed from kodaikannal. Resumed work again with new enthusiasm. Finishing lunch checked my mail. I have stuck with one mail. It’s from my lover. The content is like this:- I have tried a lot of time to you but your mobile is switched off. Finally, I came to know that you went to kodaikannal. I have no courage to convey this news in person. Please make yourself strong. I am very sorry to say this sad news to you. Yes! I have tied with a gentleman at the United States. He is the Indian born American. Two days before I have landed India and my parents also shocked. Any way they have arranged formal marriage arrangements on coming Sunday. Iam not able to forget the golden days that we interacted.

In reply, I have sent to her “all the best."
Tired, but not retired, Your's

Monday, peak hours, everywhere traffic, my junior associate is waiting for the cab at the bus stop. Stopped my car and asked her to get into the car. With a smiling face she accepted my request. She looks very modern, and the fragrance she used makes inside the whole car pleasing and created pleasant atmosphere. Without any nervousness I told her she was very beautiful and also asked her to meet me after office hours. Again with a beautiful smile she said yes. Yes, I am preparing to play second innings with this amazing good-looking woman!

— balu

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