The strength of words

At some point we may have realized that the words we speak have strength and the thoughts we think rise. It is a fact that good things happen and bad things happen.
Our good intentions and words have the power to influence us and those around us, and why in this universe

The vibrations of the mind are very strong for the words we speak. To those who have vibrations similar to ours, our words have the power to transcend similar thoughts.
If you speak well, good will surely happen. Every word we speak has strength

Word magic. How many times have we used it correctly? Some words will come as comfort. Some words will carve us. Some others hurt us too. Some words win. Killing some.

It is sure to hear words coming from those who truly care but will one day make us thank you forever. Will clarify our ignorance. They will take us to the next level of enlightenment

The experiences we get in life are often based on the word. Experiences such as love of relationship, knowledge of teacher, education, strictness and friendship, comfort, greeting each occur as a core of words. Some words show character, some words express character. Some words will testify, some words will rule. So it is wise to understand the meaning of the word spoken.

Words have the power to make God visible. Such powerful words are the verbal benefit of those who use it to bring nearby people closer, or to push them into crisis.

The word is like a seed that contains different emotions. The yield of that seed can sweeten the environment like a fragrant flower. Satisfactory as a tasty fruit. Like herbs, life can be magnificent. It can bring comfort like a shady tree. Such an energetic word adds pride to the place of birth and elevates the place of going.

Word, the mirror that shows the quality of the speaker. The criterion for indicating the depth of knowledge. The words in the manuscripts and inscriptions they left behind greatly help us to understand the way of life and civilization of the people who lived thousands of years ago. The epics and epics that the world admires are the color spheres of words.

Today's words are powerful enough to make tomorrow's history. Those who have the power to conquer wisdom over time. Realizing this, we will benefit and benefit from the use of powerful words that can make us feel good everywhere and always.

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