Mahabharata revisited

Mahabharata* revisited.

Oh lord
Give me wings

Give me wings
Like no other birds have

Oh lord
Give me wings
I can fly faster than all the
rockets & missiles
the devils have.

Oh Lord
Give me stealth wings
no radar on earth
can detect me

Oh Lord Krishna
destroyer of ahimsa (in justice)
protect me,
as you have protected
The hero of Mahabharata*

Oh Krishna protect me
While I am on a mission of
hunting and killing
all the devils hiding behind
human mask.

By Sandioor Balan.

* This poem try to high light the similarity between the plight of present day Palestinians and Pandavas in Mahabharata. Who were also pushed to go to war with Thuriothanan (Israel) after he denied Pandavas even a small place to build a house.

எழுதியவர் : Sandioor Balan (1-Dec-23, 7:15 am)
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